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Space exploration. Climate change. These are things that governments and entrepreneurs, including Elon musk, are working on all around the world. Yet, how can nations start working on new worlds when they haven't even solved their own. That is where Kimball musk comes in. With his ambitions to save humanity, he is finally in the spotlight once more, and we are here to talk about who he is, what he does, and how he does it.

Born in South Africa as the middle child, his mother was a dietician and his father an engineer. While his older brother Elon followed his father's path, Kimball followed his mother in his love for food. In 1994 as he and his brother moved to America, they founded their first company, Zip2, which later sold for 370 million. This was the beginning of their careers.

In 2004 Kimball moved to the east coast to study at the French culinary institute and, after graduating, opened The Kitchen, which is now a renowned Michelin star restaurant. With his career on a roll, he co-founded Square Roots. A company determined to solve all hunger in the US and beyond. He was also an early investor in his brother's companies, Tesla and SpaceX, making him one of the wealthiest restauranteurs in the world.

Square Roots. A company determined to solve hunger in us and beyond. As Kimball musk's crown jewel, I believe that this is what he stands for and what makes him so respectable. Instead of just working on the future, he is helping those in need right in front of his eyes instead of ignoring them as governments do. Not that he isn't working on the future. In fact, he is working with his brother Elon to help supply food to human colonies that are soon to be built on Mars and the moon. With the pair that rebuilt the concept of money, together again, we can hope for some fantastic things.

Kimball Musk. Brother of the wealthiest man on earth, multi-millionaire restauranteur, and a genius businessman. But also one of the men I look up to most. For what he has done to help those in need is what earth needs most right now. More than genius engineers, we need people who care for the world around them right now and are willing to help their fellow men and the planet on which they live. That is how Kimball musk achieved his remarkable feat.

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