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What Governments Around The world Should Do in Order to Put an End to The Corona Virus and how.

It all started in January when two men entered a clinic in China. This was the start of the COVID era. Ever since the COVID started to spread rapidly across the world, many people have lived in fear of contracting it. And so have I. In this essay, I would like to introduce my thoughts about how the government should respond to the needs of its citizens. I will also try to explain what the government should focus on, and why.

Firstly, I believe it is important to financially support shops and businesses that are at risk of bankruptcy due to the loss of many customers. For the government to maintain a consistent flow of money, they are completely dependent on the taxes from businesses. If the government is not able to collect taxes from businesses, they will not be able to afford taking measures against the COVID, which would lead to a larger impact on the economy, which would lead to it getting worse, and so on. Another reason that the government should offer financial support to businesses is related to what the focus will need to be after the COVID subsides. After the corona situation has come under a level of control, the government may not need to spend money on measures to stop the spreading of COVID. However, they will then need to work on bringing the battered economy back to normal. What they will need the most is for businesses to profit.

Secondly, I believe that the government should offer and maintain a system to care for the corona virus patients at a reasonable price or for free. After all, what is the point of forcing its own citizens into bankruptcy, when the government needs them to pay taxes?

The government should offer and maintain a system to identify cases of infection, through a solid testing system. Until a vaccine or cure for the corona virus is found, the only way to thwart or slow the spreading of the corona virus is to cure the patients, make sure that other unknown infected individuals are identified quickly, and ensure that other people do not get infected. One way to create a solid testing system is to create drive-through testing sites, just like South Korea did in the early stages of the spreading of the corona virus. This way, it will be possible to test a colossal number of people. It will also make it easier to identify infected individuals who are traveling or moving around rapidly. Another measure the government could take to slow the spreading of the COVID is to create a tracking system to track any individuals who may have been exposed to the virus. This way, it will be possible to quarantine those who may otherwise be spreading the virus. The tracking system will help civilians stay clear of areas with a high concentration of the possible infected individuals. This way, it will be easier to make sure that infected individuals or possible infected individuals do not spread the virus to other people.

Last and not least, is the race for the vaccine. Right now, many companies such as Astrazeneca and Pfizer, are working on the discovery of the covid vaccine. Experts believe that the corona virus pandemic will not end until an effective vaccine is discovered, and distributed throughout the world. This is because, in order to put an end to the pandemic, it is important to make sure the number of patients decreases, as not to spread it any further. This is why I believe that the discovery of an effective vaccine is something that governments should help advance.

Right now, many countries such as the United States, Japan, and many European countries, are providing funding to the pharmaceutical companies conducting such vaccine research, and are already booking the first vaccines. I believe that these countries should also take measures to help distribute these vaccines throughout the world, to put an end to the COVID around the world.

Throughout this essay, I have shared my opinions about what the government should do in order to stop the further spreading of the virus. I have explained how it is essential for the government to take measures to preserve the economy after the pandemic settles. I have also explained how the government should create solid testing system in order to specify unknown patients, and to set up an affordable system of care for those who test positive. Last but not least, I have explained how the government should help advance the discovery of a COVID vaccine in order to thwart the spreading of the corona virus. I have a renewed resolve that I will continue to take measures such as washing my hands or wearing a face mask in public, so that I myself do not catch the virus or spread it any further.

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