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On Elon Musk

I admire many people—particular political leaders, people who work for a certain cause, sports players et cetera. However, the person whom I admire the most is Elon Musk. He has accomplished many things that were thought to be impossible, got people thinking about these accomplishments, and has revolutionized the market.

The first reason that I admire Elon Musk is that he designed the rocket that could return to earth and land successfully. Until Elon Musk succeeded, landing rockets was considered something out of science fiction, making this success a great feat. When he was asked how he learned to make the rocket, he commented, "I read books." Hearing this, I have decided to read more books that may become useful for me in the future.

I also admire Elon Musk because of his passion and desire to revolutionize the transportation and technology market. Elon Musk has companies in the Hyperloop (a high-speed vehicle of the future) business, the space exploration business, and even the electric car business. In every field, he has never ceased to improve its level of innovation and has also created new ideas or created breathtaking concepts. I believe that he will keep revolutionizing the transportation technology market.

Finally, I admire Elon Musk for his talent to get people excited about his ideas. In November 2020, he stated that he might "nuke" mars to make it inhabitable. Although this idea may not be correct, he managed to get everyone talking about it, proving how talented he is at public relations.

Elon Musk is now said to have the most significant net worth worldwide, but that is not the only reason I admire him. I admire him for his accomplishments, such as creating a fully reusable rocket, for his passion for revolutionizing the transportation market, and for his talent to publicize his breathtaking concepts and ideas.

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