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how technology is changing the society

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I believe that many people feel that the world is changing, due to advances in technology. In this essay, I would like to discuss one important example, the internet, to understand how exactly technology is creating an impact on the society.

Firstly, I believe that the internet has changed the lifestyles of human beings greatly. For example, shopping online has become an element of everyday life. Retail leviathans such as Amazon and Rakuten sell everything from fresh produce, to movies, and are worth close to a trillion dollars.

Another way that the internet is affecting our lives is the ability to search for information online. Search engines allow for the user to search any information, anywhere, anytime. Due to the expanding use of search engines, there is a possibility that libraries may become redundant in the coming future.

An Example of a Search Engine


Another way that the internet will and has changed the world is the change in businesses. Many companies specialize in online video games, which can be played on smart phones and hand held computers. Companies such as Nintendo and Sega games are worth billions, and are becoming the celebrities of the business world. Social networking services such as twitter and Facebook, which specialize in sharing messages and photos, have also become the new celebrities of the business world. Companies such as these are working in a genre which has never existed before. I believe that the growth of these companies is something to look forward to. There are also companies, such as SpaceX, that are working on extending the internet itself, which would make it possible to use the internet anywhere on earth.

Although it may seem that the internet only has positive effects on the society, unfortunately this is not the case. In most countries around the world online payments have become very common. However, new types of crime, such as stealing money using the victims’ online account, stealing personal information via their account, and copyright violation are also becoming more and more frequent. Although this may sound awful enough, these are not the only problems. There have also been cases where a hacker uses a simple selfie in order to track down a certain person, and cause harm to them by mugging them or implicating them in crime, alarmingly this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Throughout this essay, I have explained how technology, such as the internet, has affected the society, in both personal ways as well as in its impact on large business enterprises, in both good and problematic ways. In the coming future I, as a person who lives in the present era, would like to observe what other effects technology will have on the society.

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